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Carrier & Wholesale Solutions provides you access to a number of web based services via our Customer Extranet. The single-sign-on function allows you to login to your personal page to access a range of web services e.g. web ordering, e-billing, repair etc.

After submit of the registration form you will receive login and password from our e-Services Support service.

Click here to register to our e-Services.
Web based services
Web based services to facilitate doing business with us.
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Calculate quotations, submit e-orders or track order status for certain products.
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Consult invoices online or receive electronic invoices in different formats.
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e-Customer Care
Submit repair tickets, online access to planned network events and exchange personalized documents.
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Billing Services
Advanced billing services offered in form of paper and/or electronic invoices.
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Contact us
We are accessible for any remarks or questions that you may have.
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