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Regulated offers

WBA VDSL2 - Wholesale Broadband Access VDSL2

Description of WBA VDSL2 service.


Your network is linked to the Belgacom network in specific Access Points, from where your data traffic is carried over the Belgacom Ethernet network to the local exchange where you are connected. In WBA VDSL2, Belgacom shapes a VDSL2 signal on the local lines to your end-users.

The conditions for providing services are set out in WBA VDSL2 - the Belgacom Reference Offer for the Wholesale Broadband Access Service.

Welcome Pack
The Welcome Pack explains how a new operator can implement the WBA VDSL2 offer and deliver its first end user lines.

  WBA Welcome pack

WBA regulated offer

Communication relating to WBA VDSL2

Relating to specific services and notwithstanding any diverging decision of the BIPT on the WBA VDSL2, Belgacom reserves the right not to provide the services without prior conclusion of specific agreements negotiated in good faith at reasonable service and pricing conditions with Beneficiaries requesting specific processes.

Communication related to the WBA offer (on the versions approved by the BIPT as from 21 December 2011)

Please note that Belgacom has lodged an appeal against the BIPT decision of 11 August on a limited number of elements. If the Court of Appeal would suspend or annul the BIPT's decision on one or more of these points, or in case of withdrawal of the said decision by the BIPT, Belgacom reserves its rights to apply retro-actively the conditions included in its Reference Offer, as applicable before the current adaptation, until a new BIPT decision determines the new applicable conditions, and as the case may be, to ask reimbursement of any amounts it would have paid in application of the adapted Reference Offer, but which would not have been due under the formerly applicable Reference Offer.

The adapted version of the Reference Offer is published by Belgacom without any adverse recognition and without prejudice to any of Belgacom's interests. It shall not be considered as a waiver by Belgacom of its rights and interests in the abovementioned appeal proceedings.

Regulated offer

The version 9c of the Wholesale Broadband Access VDSL2 offer (approved by the BIPT on 15 July 2013) is published here below. Compared to the version 9b of 21 November 2012, the addendum DLM phase III approved by BIPT on 03 December 2012 has been integrated.

  WBA VDSL2 reference offer - Approved by BIPT on 15/07/2013 (version 9c)

  WBA VDSL2 reference offer - Approved by BIPT on 15/07/2013 (version 9c) with track changes

WBA Information

Any other additional relevant information can be downloaded on a secure web page. Any interested party has to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreements to obtain access to this page.

You can access this additional information on WBA VDSL2 via your Personal page.

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